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  • design stuff

    Design stuff.

    Tap into state-of-the art browser-based tools & design your store in real-time – using real fonts & real content.

    Next up: managing your stuff.

  • Manage stuff.

    Add media directly from your desktop & manage everything with drag 'n drop or edit anything with a spring-up HUD.

    Next up: selling your stuff.

    manage stuff
  • sell stuff

    Sell stuff.

    Run your store on your own domain &
    sell your stuff anywhere, anytime –
    on any (smart) device & in any currency.

    Let's go back to the start.

Ammo is now in open beta. Run a store for free while it lasts.

You focus on your business

Add your logo, colours, products, options, ranges & pages on solid, mobile-first themes.

We do the behind-the-scenes

Easily manage orders, gateways, domains & stats in a friendly, easy-to-use, hosted app.

For only $99/yr Still free during the beta

For only R999/yr Free during the beta

Go live with unlimited storage & bandwidth.
No limits, lock-downs or loose ends.

  • House of St Junior

    House of St Junior is a company that makes short runs of affordable artworks into light, framed and limited edition postcards.

    The company was formed by Neil Gillespie and Scott Sloan. They commission numerous artists, designers & photographers to create their range.

    This promo was directed & edited by babysweet, with a rotating team of sound people including amongst others Hannah Vincent & Jonny Holmes, & used with permission of House of St Junior.


  • Twobop

    2Bop started as a way to turn a passion for video games into a form of expression, drawing inspiration from popular corner shop games when gameplay was key and graphics were a bonus.

    The company was formed by Anthony Smith & Bradley Abrahams.

    This promo was directed & edited by Teddy Goitam & Benjamin Tate, edited by Benjamin Taft, Ivan Spee & Dimitris Vulalas, & used with permission of stocktown.com.


Design stuff

  • Logos

    Brand your store by uploading your logo & other images: it's the 1st step towards breathing your identity into a selected theme. All images are available on your store immediately, and can be changed anytime should you want a fresh coat of paint at a later stage.

    Go e-commerce

    Customise your store further by uploading 'buy now' icons & 'cart' icons to brand all the smaller details of checkout process that really matter.

    Go browser

    Break away from the crowd by uploading a favicon to customise the browser-bar, favourites tab & other browser-specific areas.

    Go mobile

    Quickly & easily upload an Apple Touch Icon to ensure your store looks the part on iOS devices. iPad & iPhone, we're talking about you.

    Your logo defines you.
  • Colours & palettes

    Establish your brand further by fine-tuning the colors of your selected theme to suit your requirements. Critical areas - the stage, canvas, text and link colours amongst others - are setup as 'targets' and can be customised to your liking.

    Go easy (on the palette)

    Play around with the built-in color picker and change the colors of almost anything to almost anything that works for you. Change it back easily & quickly if it doesn't.

    Fine-tune colours to create your palette.
  • Fonts

    Style the typography of your store according to how you see things play out: choose any of the built-in fontstacks to quickly change the typography to something that fits with your brand. Go clean & simple, or grungy & left-field - it's entirely up to you how to position your store. As long as you keep it legible you'll be OK.

    Go web-safe

    We natively support all web-safe fonts: Arial, Helvetica, Georgia, Verdana and more. Everything just works; out of the box. (Except for Comic Sans: you're on your own there.)

    Go experimental

    Fancy something fancier? We support the CSS3 @fontface rule too: integrate effortlessly with Typekit and many other standards-compliant foundries and use real fonts on your store.

    Style up the typography of your store.
  • Themes

    Vertical or horizontal layouts, fixed nav, & more.

    Roll your own theme Coming soon!

    Know your HTML from your CSS? You can design & build your own theme with our simple, robust theming engine & templating language. Think simple-as-Tumblr theming, only for fully transactive, online stores.

    What to expect from our theming engine

    Get to grips with our powerful templating language, simple formatters, all the available variables, widgets & default snippets to design & build the theme of your dream. Add dynamic settings like images (logos & images), sizes (image sizes), css (external CSS), js (external JavaScript), html (HTML areas), booleans (yes/no), colours (hex values) and fonts to allow full & on-the-fly customisation of your own theme.

    Themes are designed in such a way that everything fits in a single file; making it easy to build, maintain & fork. We've implemented sensible defaults for almost everything allowing you to get away with very few template or HTML tags – so you can focus primarily on the styling, not the coding.


    Mobile first

    Choose any of our mobile first, responsive themes to jump-start your new online store. They all work beautifully across a wide range of devices; including iPad, iPhone & other mobile devices.

Manage stuff

  • Easy content editing

    Editing any content with the content Hud is similar, & in many aspects better, than editing content with a word processor on your desktop: there is no need to learn HTML or another markup language.

    While you are editing content certain options spring up to allow you to easily format text, link text, switch syntax & even upload images live to the content area you are working in.

    Managing online content has never been this easy.

    Live content HUD

    Click into this content area to test the selection, insertion & switching aspects of the content HUD. Add your own content, or select content within this area to activate the HUD.

    Try this on a modern desktop browser. Mobiles don't (yet) support the features required for WYSIWYG html editing.

    Edit HTML without needing to know HTML
  • Drag 'n drop images

    Drag 'n drop images directly from any folder on your desktop to any
    drop-zone in the app. We'll do the rest: store them, size them, thumb-nail them & slide-show them.

    Finally: an image-management work-flow that works.

    Live drop-zone

    Select images to upload or drop images here.

    Try this on a modern desktop browser.
    Mobiles don't (yet) support the features required for drag and drop image uploads.

    Dead-simple image management
  • Beautiful slideshows

    Create lovely slideshows from any collection of images in seconds by tapping into Sideburn - a next-generation jQuery slideshow widget.

    The content in the slideshow will automatically adapt to fit anywhere you place it, and the content below it will adapt to fit as you interact with it.

    You can use it as is or fine-tune the
    speed, type, nav & style of the slideshow to suit your store.

    Live slideshow

    • placeholder
    • placeholder
    • placeholder
    • placeholder
    Powerful slideshow management
  • CSS

    Add & edit CSS in an in-browser code editor; colour-coded, syntax-highlighted, auto-indented & line-numbered for your coding pleasure. The <style> tag has never been so easy to work with.


    Get more out of your store with built-in support for major Javascript libaries — or simply add your own.

    Live code editor

    Try this on a modern desktop browser. Mobiles don't (yet) support the features required for code editing.

    Get your hands dirty with CSS

Sell stuff Unlimited products, variants, images, ranges, pages & much more.

Products unlimited

Products form up the basis of your store: import them quickly & now ensure each product in your store looks the part.

Variants unlimited

Variants are used to create options for a specific product. Think small/medium/large if you are selling clothing.

Images unlimited

Upload as many images per product as you require. We'll handle the thumb-nailing & slide-showing for you.

Ranges unlimited

Ranges are used for building up collections of products to group them into logical and user-friendly segments.

Pages static content

Use pages to build out the rest of your store: add any other relevant information your shoppers might require.

Views default content

Views ensure your store & the commerce process that drives your store remains fully functional at all times.

Navigation what goes where

Navigation handles what goes where on your store. Drag-&-drop navigation to build up your store the way you want.

Meta hello Google

SEO everything in your store easily by managing page titles, slugs, meta descriptions, meta keywords & more.

Orders keep tabs

Track when an order is placed & paid for. Repost it if something goes wrong or ship it as soon as you're ready.

Inventory keep track New

Track what's in stock, what's selling (& what's not) through a built-in inventory tracker.

Notifications keep (in the) loop

Setup your store to notify you - or others - of all commerce-based activity on it.

Stats keep on top

Quickly add Google Analytics or real-time analytics to your store & analyse what's going on.

Gateways payment options

No need for a merchant account: just add your PayPal or Payfast credentials & you are ready to roll.

Domains any domain you want

Easily map any domain (or subdomain) to your store & have it all on your own.domain.com.

Shipping from a to b (or to z)

Specify your shipping options & choose between free and customisable flat rate shipping.

Messages hello merchant

Allow shoppers to customise orders with an accompanying order message.

Keen to try before you buy? No credit card or any funny business required.



An affordable monthly payment that includes everything*.

Upgrade anytime, cancel anytime: pay-as-you-go with no set-up costs and no contractual lock-in.



An annual payment that saves money, time & trouble.

(No refunds for early cancellation though: we don't draw the line elsewhere but here we have to.)

Unlimited everything*, & everything else too

Unlimited products, variants, images, ranges & pages – and no transactional fees when orders are placed. We impose no limitations on the amount of anything you add to your store: you can upload as many images – or other files – to each product, page & range as you require.

In a nutshell it's unlimited, uncapped & unmetered. Unreal, compared to other services out there.

And we really mean "everything"…

*Hosting baked in

There is no need to find a host for your store; blazing fast hosting is built into the app. You don't have to spend another cent anywhere else.

*Backups every hour, on the hour

We backup everything on the hour, & backup the hourly snapshots every day. You won't have to lose any sleep worrying about your data.

*Storage Now unlimited

All media on your store is uploaded to a scalable and secure infrastructure provided by the Amazon S3 cloud service.

*Bandwith Now unlimited

All media on your store is downloaded from a reliable and fast infrastructure provided by the Amazon S3 cloud service.

Is there a setup fee?

There isn't a setup fee involved.

Is there a trial period?

No trial period is necessary as you only pay once your store start transacting.

Do I need a credit card to sign up?

No credit card is required to sign up; all you need is an email address.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes; you can cancel any time. We'd like it if you stuck around but you can cancel whenever it suits you.

What plans are available?

There is only one plan available: the unlimited one. Let's keep things nice & simple.

What billing options are available?

You can select either a monthly or yearly billing interval once your store starts transacting.

Do I need a domain to get started?

No domain is required; you can kick off your store on our domain and configure it to your own domain later on.

How many stores can I create?

As many as you require; we don't limit the amount of stores you can create.

And you only start charging me once my store starts transacting?

We'll charge you when you enable a payment provider to allow real transactions on your store.
(This means you can take as long as you want to build your store as its effectively free until sales start coming in.)

How will you charge me?

Through your selected payment provider: PayPal or Payfast.

How much is it again?

$99/yrR999/yr for pretty much everything*.
(We don't support monthly payments at this stage.)

Sounds reasonable, doesn't it? Try it now without any obligations.

Built by thisarmy

thisarmy is a design and development company based in Cape Town. We've put over 5 years of experience building web products, services and sites into Ammo, and hope you enjoy using it as much as we did building it.

Our products and services include:

Tankbuild a site;
Ammorun a store;
Troopermanage a domain;
Scopecheck a page.


“We believe your site can be simpler. You need more white space, a bigger logo, a clear & present grid and less clutter.”

“The way you manage what your site looks like can should be as simple as the way you manage the content that defines it.”

“Simple building blocks are key to a great site. Sure, you can’t do everything with it, but you can do everything else so much easier.”


“Such an awesome service for people who can design, but can’t code.”Charl Du Plessis

“Awesome. Your system is perfect for what we need.”Adam & Eve Creative

“Kudos to you for a well designed app. I’m truly delighted with your app!”Renita Lovell

“Yay! We've officially had our first online sale for today! Thank you @someammo for making it so simple!”@blank_space

“Wow guys, epic job with the UI/UX. We're super impressed!”@obox

“This afternoon is dedicated to building our new online shop! Just in time for the lush new stock. Thanks @someammo for your awesome app!”@washwithcare

“Nice work guys!”@jarederondu

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